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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is JabberText?
We provide bulk text messaging services. You simply upload your contact list(s) and send out a group message in one easy step. Your group can be 1 or 10,000!

How are people using this service?
The possibilities are endless! We started this service with church youth groups in mind -- giving youth workers the power to communicate to their students easily and affordably. Other applications can include:

  • Universities -- send out Campus Alerts
  • School Districts -- notify parents of school closings
  • Churchs -- prayer requests. encouragement and reminders
  • Youth Groups -- effective ministry tool, reminders, encouragement
  • Non-Profits -- call your volunteers to action
  • Media Outlets -- weather & news alerts
  • Corporations -- contests and top-of-mind awareness campaigns.
  • Social Networking Sites -- send instant messages to all your friends.
  • Clubs -- notify customers of special entertainment and promotions.
  • Sports Teams -- notify parents/members of event/practice time/location changes.
  • etc, etc, etc....

Do I have to download anything?

No. The service is totally web-based. If you can use a browser, you can master JabberText.com.

What is SMS?
SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It basically allows cell phones to send and receive simple text messages. SMS and "Text Messaging" are the same.

Why is this an effective method of communication?
Two reasons. The most powerful reason for text messages is that it reaches your recipient instantly -- no matter where they are! Secondly, there is almost a 100% "read" rate because the message is delivered right into the palm of their hands.

How much does this cost?
Did we mention it was very affordable? At prices as low as 2 cents per message, you can reach out to a group of 100 for just $2! Click here for our full pricing schedule

What is the setup fee?

No setup fees.

How do I fund my account?

Once you have created an account, simply click the "Buy More Credits" link. We interface with PayPal to handle the transactions securely.

What is a "Credit"?

1 credit equals 1 text message.

What cell phone carriers do you work with?
All major U.S. carriers.

Are There Content Restrictions?

Yes. We do not allow content dealing with the following:

    * Messages promoting Illegal activities.
    * Messages that are sexual in nature.

Any other Restrictions?
No spamming is allowed. Your recipients must be legitimate members or subscribers. If a user "opts out", you must immediately remove them from your lists. Obviously, this is based on the 'honor system', but we will strictly enforce a no spam policy. We reserve the right to cancel the account of any user who abuses the service.

I am receiving spam from a JabberText User. How do I report this?
Simply email support@jabbertext.com. Tell us your cell phone number and we will remove you from the unwanted subscription.

More Questions?
Contact Sales@Jabbertext.com

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