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Privacy and Anti-Spam Policy

Privacy Policy

At JabberText.com we respect and take steps to protect your privacy. We strive to make our site a safe environment for everyone who visits and uses JabberText.com services. We are committed to providing you the best possible online service and experience as well as the best products and services. We do not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any third party. Any information sent to JabberText.com for text messaging and or storage purposes will remain the property of the account holder. JabberText.com will at no time collect or redistribute this information without your consent, except where legally required by law to do so. If you have further questions about our privacy policy or its implementation, please contact us.

You acknowledge that acceptance of this privacy policy is a condition to your use of our services and you agree to be bound by all of its terms and conditions.

Anti-Spam Policy

We view any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted text message as spam.

We do NOT allow use of 3rd party lists, whether consent has been gathered or not.

We believe that any type of communication sent to a subscriber about an unrelated subject, that the subscriber did not request, to be spam.

On our terms and conditions agreement, our Clients specifically agree NOT to use JabberText.com to send unsolicited Text Messages or spam. Upon incorporating a list, Clients agree on the Opt-In only policy to their list. All Text Messages sent using JabberText.com can be tracked and so removed from the sender list. We support STOP / OPT-OUT / REMOVE / UNSUBSCRIBE. Clients have the ability to remove mobile numbers. JabberText.com maintains an OPT-OUT list that restricts our Clients from adding a mobile number to their list that has been previously Opted-Out. If we suspect a violation of our Anti-spam policy, we will contact the Client and discuss the Client options, which may range from a warning, to termination of service for that Client. To the best of our knowledge, our system adheres to ALL state and national laws regarding sending unsolicited bulk / group text messages.

If you wish to be removed from any list, please email us (at support@jabbertext.com) with an "OPT-OUT", "UNSUBSCRIBE", "STOP" or "REMOVE" in the subject line. As well you can reply to the Text Message received by using the keyword "STOP." Please let us know about any abuse, including your Mobile Number, the date and time you received it and the contents of the message. You will be removed from that list and the Client will be restricted from adding your mobile number to their list in the future.


Email: support@jabbertext.com

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