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JabberText Pricing

Message credits may be purchased in any quantity with a $5.01 Minimum Purchase.

 Minimum Purchase
(Message Credits)
Cost Per MessageSample Costs
Level 1167-4993.0 cents$5.01 (minimum)
Level 2500-2,4992.5 cents500=$12.50
Level 32,500-4,9992.4 cents2,500=$60
Level 45,000-9,9992.2 cents5,000=$110
Level 510,000+2.0 cents10,000=$200

Pay as low as 2 cents per message! Buy as many credits as you want or need anytime, but the more you purchase at a time, the cheaper the cost. Other Benefits include:

  • NO sign-up fees
  • NO monthly fees
  • NO written contracts
  • 10 Free Credits to test our service
  • Unlimited Groups and Contacts
  • Pre-Schedule messages to go out whenever you want
  • Receive reply messages in your JabberText Inbox
  • Upload unlimited cell phone numbers with Bulk Uploader

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