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Summer is Here!

Summertime means kids are out of school and participating in all kinds of summer sports leagues--baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, etc.  That means you need a way to communicate with all your players, coaches and parents to keep them up to date on schedules, cancellations, game times and field number, who brings the snacks or just a word to encouragement to your players.  With Jabbertext you may send to 1 or 100's of contacts all at the same time.  And you just have to type it once!  You may have as many groups and contacts as you want at no extra charge.  No Monthly Fees!  Purchase as many credits as you want and use them when you want.  THEY NEVER EXPIRE!  Sign up for a FREE No-Obligation account today and use our 10 FREE credits to give Jabbertext a try.  You will Love it!